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Finally, we are back with news… and they are good especially for us 😊. Our small Move Our World project takes off as expected. After many months to twist, shape, build our dreams, here we are… We found our place and we are going to move in September (2019). First guests are expected for May 2020. It is now our turn to give back the beautiful and sincere hospitality we got. Time to create a place to welcome, share and live.

But let’s not go that fast, you may have missed couple of events lastly…. 😊

Unsuccessful research in Reunion Island

In our last article, we were completely involved in our researches in Reunion Island. We were looking for a house in the mountains. A perfect mix between coolness and high summits. We even thought we had it in the middle of Cilaos. Look at that vue on Piton des Neiges. Great, isn’t it ?

We almost saw us there… but it finally didn’t work. First of all, plus and minuses in mind, this house had only 500 sq.m. and it really appeared us too small. We would have to push away our hope of self-sufficiency in middle term. But that’s not all. Today we have to admit it: Invest in Reunion Island is costly. Big capital to put in, slow administration (few months ago, 9 months minimum were still needed to open officially a company. No paper, no business, nothing! We would tell you that it is a joke, you would believe us but no, that’s the sad reality of an ex-colony which still has an administration located 10 000 km away with apparently more important things to do…), bank timorousness, deafness of politics to listen a new and different project… Many reasons to not feel comfortable to invest. Well, we had to move back and think different…


2019, way back to Poland

Goodbye our lovely island. We went back to our lovely Poland. And good news, one month only was needed to find the perfect place for us. A marvelous Siedlisko (which you could translate as a nest or habitat… but we will come back to this concept later on) in the middle of the forest. In Warmia region, in Northestern Poland, in the lake region, we found our home from home. 3.5 ha which we are going to take responsibility on. Responsible to keep it natural, alive, hospitable and (the most important? ) ready to pass on next generations. We are ready as hell!


Move Our World’s nest

Move Our World settle down. Our blog will continue its history with less travel stories but not without an inspiration touch. At the door of a permacultural approach we pursue for ourselves: self-sufficience, hostpitality, respect, connexion, etc. We hope to gather people and energies around us to make this story great again and again and again. So you can joins us on our path. You are fully welcome. See you soon!

Stay tuned

In the coming weekd:

  • Migrating our Facebook page to Siedlisko xxxx (the mystery name of our new place) 
  • New Instagram account
  • and of course a website dedicated to the new place to inform, welcomeand allow bookings.

So stay with us and do not hesitate to give your feedback at any time !!! Cheers !!

We are Ernest, Ela & David, 3 citizens of the world. In quest of a new way of living, more respectful from the environment and the Humans, we travellled slowly to discover new cultures. We now settle down in Poland and have our place in Warmia. Want to know more? Come to visit us!

In our place, we will defend sustainable tourism values. Members of Hopineo, we hope to co-build a better world through a responsible and sustainable tourism. 

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