[HopTour Mexico] Maize and Indigenous people : a great mexican cocktail !

Move Our World Oaxaca de Juarez Mexico – Maize / Pueblos Mancomunados / Hopineo / Responsible Tourism

« Mexico more than any other New-World country is the land of Corn » Edgar Anderson, 1946 The history between Mexico and Corn started long time ago. We are talking about Mesoamerica, this period of human history full of exceptional civilizations (Aztecs, Mayas, Zapotecs, Ometecs, etc…) which did not reveal all their mysteries yet… Did you know …

[HopTour Mexico] Cuetzalan, a magical village for magical women

Move Our World Cuetzalan Puebla Mexico – Indigenous / Tesalotzin / Woman / Responsible Tourism / Hopineo

To make sure you can realize which events occurred in this area, to make sure you can feel the atmosphere of this place as us, read that story… Discover how unity, strength, bravery and audacity made a community uplifting their situation… everything thanks to WOMEN! Indigenous Women from Cuetzalan, in Puebla State, changed their destiny …