[Spain] Ela & David in an Asturian farm discovering Wwoofing

After Hopineo and its innovative form for a collaborative tourism, we decided to try Wwoofing!

For people who do not know nothing about it, Wwoofing as well as Hopineo offer to exchange time, knowledge and energy in exchange of accommodation and food. The idea to create a human link without money.

If Hopineo is dedicated to responsible tourism development, Wwoofing dedicates itself to promoting organic farming. All over the world since 1971, organic farmers offer to receive people in order to share knowledge, know-how  and possibilities of organic farming.

We don’t have to tell you that we love this kind of projects too. Today, in the facts, all Wwoofing experiences may not have the same value and we all heard about possible negative impacts of voluntourism… but the initial philosophy and this will to come back to the base of agriculture are just great!

In our case, we wanted to experience it and train us. We went to Spain. We found a host in Asturias. Flor del Agua, in the village of Trasmurias (close to Sama de Grado) is the project of German and Mario. For a month, with 2 other volunteers (Anka – a german in Love with Spain and spanish) and Lisa (a French student), we participated in different tasks of the farm.

Located on different properties, Mario and German grow fruits and vegetables. They also take care of sheeps, chickens and rabbits. Their place tends to be self-sufficient and they would love to prepare in a second step a place where people can be treated naturally. Inspired by Bach flowers and other techniques, German follows a dream and it seems that this place is perfect for that.

We talk to you about Asturias in a different article but no doubt, the region is amazing. The area is full of history (in Trasmurias, civil war is almost tangible) and the weapon factory 15 min driving (still in activity by the way) is never too far away to remind it us.

We helped for new planting, for harvesting, for caring animals. We also prepared some winter food. We cleaned some paths in order to get some fresh humus, etc… everything was basically made using or using again resources available on place. Great!

So, that was a lovely experience which we will renew as soon as Ernest will be able to help and contribute.

See you Soon Asturias and thank you Flor del Agua for this first great Wwoofing experience.

We are Ela & David, 2 citizens of the world. In quest of a new way of living, more respectful from the environment and the Humans, we travel slowly to discover new cultures, to look for inspirations and with a wish of sharing. Want to know more?

We travel with Hopineo, an online platform dedicated to the co-construction of a better world through a responsible and sustainable tourism. Discover Hopineo.


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