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Siedlisko Letnia Kuchnia – Birth Date : May 2020

January 2017, we quit Warsaw to Riga (Lituania). Under the rain, we said goodbye to our friends with our hearts filled with a dream.  The dream is about finding the perfect place to settle down and open a guesthouse, a Bed and Breakfast, an hostel, whatever … 

At that moment, we knew the way would be long and curvy. Indeed, after a full year on the road, the way back to Reunion Island, Ernest birth, the moving back to Poland, we had a couple of decisions to make in this timelapse. 

But few years leater and through perseverance, selflessness and faith in our desires, we found the perfect place. The name is Siedlisko Letnia Kuchnia (which literally means Summer Kitchen Guest House). It is an old farm in the middle of the forest in Warmia / Mazury region. A summer kitchen is located in the center of the property. The area is perfect to welcome travelers, to share with them and why not transmit.

An eco-friendly guesthouse

Open from May to September, our bed and breakfast is the dreamt place we care about to welcome travelers from all over the world. 

Warmia /Mazury region- Lakre area of Poland 

  • 5 rooms
  • 1 summer kitchen
  • 3 hectares surrounded by forest
  • 2 ponds
  • A permaculture garden
  • 300 m2 of vegetables garden
  • 1 orchard

Our Move Our World blog continue and has now a permanent framework which is Letnia Kuchnia Guest House. If our travel will be now limited, we will nevertheless have incredible stories to tell about in this new adventure. There is a full chapter to write. There are many memories to build. 

Then, because we still want to share our experience… because our journey may inspire others… because writing (even for ourselves) helps to think and question… because writing free one’s mind… because our guest house is a bit more than a simple guest house with beds… because its history will not be made only from us but also with you. From now, three more categories will appear :