Move Our World

Everything started with dreams…
…dreams about fascinating job, travelling, love, sustainability, about creating better world, experiencing different culture and in the end the biggest one – building the place where we can make all of our dreams come true.

We met in Thailand (Chiang Rai) in 2014 and we have taken the decision that we want to make our dreams come true together. Two years later we left our comfortable life in Warsaw and we went in search of inspirations. Through Russia, China and Laos we want to reach India and Nepal. From over there, in a second phase, we plan to go for longer to South America.

Our project was born from fascination with permaculture which is directly linked to a will of living our life in a different way – to not feel ourselves anymore in phase with the society evolution. 


We rapidly saw Responsible tourism (our definition)  as a way to express it. For the sake of the next generations we want to learn again how to share with what we have. We plan to visit some places that are involved in a responsible approach; the small ones,  the ones run by families. We want to discover their history, their success and challenges

Especially challenges and success related to:
• Use of renewable sources
• No waste politic
• Support of local communities
• Employment of excluded communities
• Running permaculture garden

We strongly believe that everyone has a strong influence on the future of our planet

 MOW Project is about changing the way of living.
MOVE ourselves to do something creative.
MOVE ourselves to spend time closer to nature and other cultures.
Everything in order to contribute in a better WORLD.
So MOVE OUR WORLD is a path of being better to reach the best for ourselves.

We are going for this travel to live our way, promote sustainability and finally make our dream come true – create a place to live and host travelers / dreamers; a place where they will be able to experience what is permaculture.
We invite you for this trip!

Taking you with us is an opportunity to share our experience and hopefully give you some impulse for MOW.

“Even the smallest changes have a big meaning”


Who is MOW? MOW is each of you who is reading it. Let us not forget that we are all better together.

Thank you for your support and faith. Thank you for your good energy. If you want also to share the adventure, do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s meet and…

Let’s rock the world together!

“Ela was born in Central Poland in the 80’s. She grew in the communism period in the countryside. I don’t really know how much it impacted her childhood and made her as she is today. But, what I know is she is very close to the nature. She loves to be outside, to walk, to cycle, to hike. She would spend all her time in the forest or in the mountains. Ela is very open-minded. She loves to meet new people. She is always smiling (I promise, it is 100% true) and positive. For her it is simple, the things that happens to us depends on us. So she tries to be the change that she would love to see in the world. She also loves WINTER but unfortunately for her, it seems that her close future is in a Tropical confirmation (to be confirmed)… She loves coffee with milk. She loves pickles, etc… for me SHE JUST LOVES LIFE!!!” David

„David – there is nothing impossible to do for him. Curious about people and new places, he dreams a lot and he is very often trying to change the world for better. He grew up under the sun of La Reunion island and you can still see this sun in his eyes. He has the ability to find great initiatives, people and places. He can’t imagine a day without a coffee, football and power point (he has to present all his ideas). I don’t know another person reading books as much as him. He speaks French, English, Spanish and Polish (in progress but almost). In each language he can sing while playing guitar or violin. The music makes his hidden talents coming out. It will for sure open the door for a lot of adventures…” Ela

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