[Georgia] Mestia-Mazeri, a caucasis discovery

Georgia – Mestia – Mazeri
Rain. Rain can be unpredictable, sudden or lazy, refreshing or just simply constant. The rain in Mestia was cold and very wet. It played with us in order to show us finally what is great about it – the view of the valley with wandering clouds…

We landed in Kutaisi just before the morning. Without any problem we withdrew money at the airport and found „marszrutka” (mini-bus) which took us straight to Mestia. Marszrutka is very important word in Georgia. You can be very often surprised by the things going on on the way…

For the first time, we are surprised by the Georgian houses. They are very big with comfortable veranda, covered with wooden decors. Each fence is full of grapes. The melody of the Georgian language is making us sleepy and we fall asleep deep. We wake up only when our vehicle is trying to ride uphill making such a mercilessy noise…. and it stops, broken. Yeah! Looks like we are in the mountains. After 2 hours repairing the car, our driver becomes a hero and we can continue the road.

Whole north part of the Svanetti region is in the UNESCO heritage list
Mestia… The rain started when we walked out from Marszrutka . The sky was heavy and the air smelled the mountains. This is very specific smell, maybe just inside of my head (the one of Ela 🙂 ) but I love it! For our first cuisine experience we started with strong coffee (turkish style) and khachapuri. All Mestia is replate with towers. The view and the history is very original.

To be lost for 2 days…
When we came to Georgia we knew already that 1 week is not enough. That’s why we decided to do as much as we can. The following day, we took our backpaks, made a small shopping and decided to go to Mazeri through the mountains.

When I’m buying the fruits at the street, I’m smiling (full of excitement and happiness) to the seller and he gives me them as a present. Very touched I put my bag on (even more motivated) and remove it after few hours at the view point.

This is the last place where we can see people this day. Using the GPS (locus app download on internet with gps data from a blog) we are going to the Guli Pass (2944) direction. We spend our night just before Guli as we don't know what is behind and we don't want to sleep at the summit.

We are tired and hungry. Since the view point our route is not easy because of lack of signs. We have the feeling that there is no way at all 🙂 But the view on the way is just charming. From the rain,  only memory left,  and we can see the Kaukaz in all of its beauty.



Do not make eye contact with animals…

I love this moment when the tent is ready and the dinner is already in digestive process. During all the way we didn’t meet noone. We felt like having Kaukaz for our privacy.

I can’t take my eyes from the view and I would like to sleep outside. We are laughing when we think about our small adventure at the Guli Galcier. We met on our way a herd of cows and ….bulls. Yes, the cows are everywhere here… And the bulls are not very friendly. But as it was only one way to go… we decided to climb the slope of the glacier instead of taking the easiest way. The bulls were not very happy to see us and they were huuuuuuge. It’s pity that nobody could take some pictures of us at this moment 🙂 🙂


After the rolling night in the tent (it is important to make the tent properly) the sun is waking us up. We can see heave clouds down in the valley. We can watch how they are fast during the breakfast and when we can notice, how they are close to us, we are taking the decision to go.


Guli Pass 2944m
We are going to Guli Pass fast and even faster we are going down to Mazeri direction. The way is long and we are dreaming about a cup of coffee. Instead of coffee Kaukaz is giving us beautiful meadow of weed , growing sometimes until ours armpits… How lovely… There is no time for wandering about the number of potential experience, we need to go! After few hours and being sure that we are on the way, we meet the shepherds. They are having a rest under the tree and they invite us for homemade wine and khachapuri. Sounds good? It was great! Using the body language we are trying to explain them from where we are and where exactly we want to go. To thank them we leave them a bottle of vodka from Poland. Full of happiness inside we continue the way.

Mazeri – heaven on the earth
Mazeri – each try of describing this place will be a poor attempt to tell its atmosphere. I highly recommend you to just go over there and stay, without any reason.

We found a nice lady and used body language to set the price for the room and food. She served us a beautiful dinnerand it was really pity that we couldn't communicate more. For the breakfast she served us… hot khachapuri straight from the oven. It was beautiful… served with fresh sour homemade yogurt…

„Kazbegi” with Ushba (4710) view
At the evening, before taking a rest that we nicely deserved, we went for a small walk. We had the feeling that time stopped there. Rhythm is slower. Wooden fences and boys riding horses through the village makes the place extraordinary. We even found the bar. Small shed at big meadow, one table, cold beer and Ushba view. Why not?!


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