[Poland] Can I invite you for a coffee in Warsaw?


After almost 2 years living in Warsaw, it not was so easy to find a subject to talk about this particular city to me. The new year 2017 coming soon, our departure getting closer and closer, and coffee after coffee, I have decided that it was worth to talk about the places where all this story (MOW) got alive: the COFFEE SHOPS.

But let’s come back a bit in the past…

Espresso , Americano albo capuccino?

Poland, as a country and with its recent story (communism), did not develop a strong culture of going outside for dinner or drinks. It is very usual to meet people at home and share a (long and huge) dinner and conviviality in family. Warsaw, as the capital city with a lot of people from close (and less close ) countryside, is not an exception but Warsaw also evolves faster and start to live the same standard than other European capital city. Today, Warsaw starts to be very dynamic and one of the most favorite place is… the COFEE SHOP.

I have discovered these places and I would like to bring you with me, with us.

Z mlekiem ? Nie, czarna – (with milk? no, black)

Even if I spent so many hours dreaming about travel, developing Move Our World, what attracted me and what seduced me in the coffee shop is still hazy. There is something very specific, a different culture that I am not familiar with (it is definitely closer to Northern Europe that Latin Europe and tropical islands). Here, no hours. From 9am to 9pm, you will find everything: breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour, tea break, snack…

From a coffee between colleagues, a professional meeting, a break during the day or even a birthday, all the reasons are good enough to come in a coffee shop to spend time and drink a coffee.

Personally, I have found some places very inspiring, energies to boost creativity, and finally the place of my love story with Warsaw.

Here I share my (almost) secret places. Do not hesitate to visit them instead of going to one of the several chains that will never give you an unique experience...

  • Kawiarnia Fabryczna (Fabryczna 28, 00-446 Warszawa): a perfect atmosphere, a positive wave, everything with comfort. Here, the old wooden parquet and the design sofa will welcome you for relaxing. Don’t miss the mango tapioca dessert.
  • ReSort (Bielańska 1, 00-086 Warszawa) : the place is just perfect for happy hour. With a nice view on the national opera, I am still wandering if I really spent so many hours in a bathtub… well, it is most probably the winter ginger grog…
  • Labour CoWorking (Tamka 49, 00-355 Warszawa): they take care of everything. They give you a space for relaxing, for working, for meeting friends. Eveything is made to be sure that you will feel good and comfy. So it is also normal that they serve you a perfect lunch set, very tasty.
  • Kafka (Oboźna 3, 00-001 Warszawa): Kafka is one of the most famous place for breakfast and coffee in Warsaw…. Very affordable, the service is great and smily. Everything is very tasty and it is always a pleasure to meet some friends for Sunday brunch.
  • Esencja (Marszałkowska 8, 00-590 Warszawa): Decoration a bit hipster but what a breakfast buffet! So tasty, so diversified, and so specifically polish… It is modern, the service is more than nice. We love it!
  • Pardon ToTu (plac Grzybowski 12/16, 00-104 Warszawa): Here we have kind of advanced project. The owner (most probably) hesitated between a concert place or a coffee shop… so he decided to make both. Well, thanks god that he did not make a choice. The result is perfect. Very nice choice for bottled beers.
  • Not always simple to travel to Africa from Poland. Thanks god, thanks to Baobab(Francuska 31, 00-001 Warszawa), you just need to cross the door and HOP! … 6000 kms later, you can enjoy a beer or a coffee and most probably make nice encounters.


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