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Move Our World - Asia
Move Our World-China-Yunnan-Shaxi

Asia – our TOP 3

6 month trip. Honey moon ?! An unforgettable adventure. Around Asia. A marvellous road in the hearth of 3 massive civilizations : Russia, China, India. Strong cultures. Inspiring encounters. Breathtaking landscapes.

This adventure does not deserve a conclusion. Just being together to write this chapter of our relation is already enough. But we are glad to play a “top 3” game not to rank the experiences but especially to make an order in our pictures. Yep, here you are. Let’s go!


We have in this category all the landscapes we most of the time crossed very rapidly (most of the time from the – dirty – window of the buses). These views on villages, mountains, rivers, were sources of Wahou !!! It fed our imagination. We could not expect some of these places. These are also some places where we could not stop. These are also the places where we would love to come back one day.

On the road of Haba (China – Yunnan). Impossible to imagine before the Yangtsé (one of the biggest river in Asia) surrounded by snow peaks, typical villages and rice paddies… everything with an atmosphere of Tibet at the horizon. Want to know more? Have a look on Tiger Leaping Gorge!

On the road of Muang Khwa (Laos – North Province) When the sun is shining on the river, when kids are playing and when all around is just green of forest… that’s stunning!

On the road of Gangtok (India – Sikkim) When the road offers you an extraordinary panorama on buddhist temples on a hilltop with himalaya mountains at the back (with more than 8000m)…

Move Our World - road to Haba
Move Our World - road to Gangtok
Move Our World - road to Muang Khwa


6 months on the roads and expecially in Asia, it is a huge timelapse for tasting thousands of new recipes. We had chance to cross China and India and we will not surprise you by saying that they already exported their cuisine. We were excited to tickle our taste bud. We are not disappointed.

NB : here the choice is more than difficult

Sichuan Hot Pot (China – Sichuan) We heard a lot about it and Robbi made us try. As tasty as colourful.

Sambol (Sri Lanka) We have just been charmed by the freshness of this dish which finally uses what is found everywhere in Sri Lanka : Coconut. Want to know more?

Momos (Himalaya –Sikkim, India, Nepal) Himalayan dumplings are just delicious. Soft, tasty, cheap, they have everything you need, all the time.

Move Our World - Hot Pot in Sichuan
Move Our World - Sri Lanka - Sambol
Move Our World - momos


Some wonderful villages, there were few… But that one, we would have stayed for an undetermined period… This is always the feeling when atmosphere and landscapes and perfectly combined and exceptionnal. In addition to that, that places have a strong culture… What else? We love it.

Shaxi (China). It seems that time stopped. The most beautiful chinese legend may be born in this small village. When someone tells you “China”, which kind of picture comes to your mind? There is a chance that Shaxi is one of them.

Nongriat (India). Some remote villages in the world, there are a lot. Some lost in the junge of Meghalaya (this unknown state of India), there are not hundreds… Some with living root bridges ? There is only one and we were invited by Khasi people.

Muang Ngoi (Laos). Laos is a quiet and peaceful country. At the Nam Ou river, Muang Ngoi village is not an exception even if tourism is growing slowly. But we have to say that around the main alley, it is good to enjoy a nice meal and drink with amazing karstic landscape in the background.

Move Our World - Nongriat
Move Our World - Shaxi - China
Move Our World - Muang Ngoy - Laos

Our TOP 3 in Asia – 2nd part coming soon…

Our 6-month trip in Asia

Move Our World - itinerary picture

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