Move Our World in Sri Lanka

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Launched in 2012, Hopineo collect and spread the good practices thanks to travelers and thanks to a new way of participative travel.

Most of the good practices have been identified during some HopTours in France, in Latin America, in West Africa and in Asia. During these trips, HopAmbassadors swap their skills and time in exchange for room and food!

A way of empowering sustainable practices

In 2017, 6 ambassadors of Hopineo have already planned a HopTour in Asia:

4 up to 7 days mission

What skills do Ela and David offer to swap?


  • Marketing and communication: support with marketing and communication plan. Create the profile. Advise with the social media communication
  • Share their experience of travelers and help to set up an action plan to develop the activity and the experience of the visitors.
  • Realize short videos in order to promote the place
  • Share their experience in hotel, bar and restaurant management


In exchange of




during the mission

Interactive Map of our HopTour

To meet the people, the places, the initiatives that we met or we intend to visit. Click on the marker !