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There is no better way to discover a country, place or culture as by the people. During two years I was studding in Galway-Mayo Institut of Technology and I was living in Galway. It was Ruan who showed me the true heart of his motherland (Thank you very much for this Ruan), the heart of people, their closeness and the need to be together. You can see it on the beautiful Claddagh – the ring of love. Two hands carry a crowned hurt worn by women and men. It will always be my first impression about this country. Irish people love to spend time supporting their hurling teams and they love to be in the pubs which are the best all over the world for their live music sessions and such crowd of positive people. Only after that, second memory about Ireland is coming to my mind – all of those beautiful landscapes of Connemara, the smell of the sea algaes and the black gold of the island – Guinness. Full Irish breakfast and pint of Guinness were never so good as with Ana…

If you want to see Ireland as at the old postcards and Galway is not enough for you, I recommend you to go to Oileáin ÁrannAran Islands, 3 small islands located in Galway Bay:  Inis Mór - Inishmore,  Inis Meáin – Inishmaan, Inis Oírr – Inisheer.

Memories of the islands...
It’s easy to close my eyes and come back with the memories of the beaches of Arans. You will be very curious of what you can find in all of this small puddles full of the miracle of the nature. You can almost touch the ocean during your stay at the cliffs, the waves breaking the cost and hypnotizing you. What is characteristic for this country is that you can find everywhere – stone fences. The easiest way to reach the islands is to take a ferry from Galway. And you move between them also by the ferry. You can go and return the same day or use one of the offer to stay at the island. If you will be lucky you will be able to see a lot of stars and you will experience a live celtic music session. The music is very important for irish people. Celtic harf, Uilleann pipes and Bodhrán – that are only few of traditional irish intruments. What is also typical for Aran Islands is ‘sean-nós’  old style singing – long stories about life, war and difficulties – singing a capella.

Welcome in Gaelic language world!
Islanders use irish language - gaelic - to communicate. The island folklore and historical places have the same importance while visiting the place. They say that  Aran Islands are kind of open air museum because of the quantity of monuments. Only in Inishmore you can find around 50 historical places from celtic and pre-cristianity time.  On the cliff tops, ancient forts - Dún Aonghasa are the biggest one. For me the most interesting were the remains of the church and cementery, where St. Enda were buried. The oldest pieces are over 1500 years old. You can also see there the traditional Irish boats – currach.

Aran Island are beautiful and peaceful place. Do you like kind of “the end of the world” places?  If yes, do not think too long and just go to visit them 🙂


Basic English-Gaelic dictionary

How are you? - Conas tá tú?
I'm good - Tá mé go maith
I'm from Poland - Is as an Pholainn mé
I love you - Gráim thú
God blessing with you - Beannachtaí Dé leat
You have the best Guinness in this bar - Tá an Guinness is fearr agat sa mbear
What a beautiful, sunny day - Nach bhfuil an lá grianmhar seo go hálainn



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