Our route for 2017 – Move Our World in Asia

When we started to plan this trip/project, the first destination that came to our mind was India...

We were ready to stay few months in order to be able to visit a bigger part of this huge country as well as to be sure to meet this attractive culture... the decision to realize a HopTour with Hopineo came later on and discovering sustainable tourism path is now the cherry on the cake.


But in the same time, we were attracted by the Siberian experience especially around the frozen Baikal Lake...


An Asian tour through 3 superpowers: Russia, China and India

The Tibet region being close to foreign tourists during the Chinese New Year month, we have to go through Thailand to reach India and we will most probable have to take the plane...

That gave us a perfect reason to not use the plane to go to India and that iw how started the trip. A crazy amazing journey is now in front of us with russian land, then chinese civilization before getting lost in indian sub-continent - Himalaya as centre of gravity.

It would appear that after India, it woud be Latin Amrica... It would appear... Watch this space!!












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