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Hi Move Our World fan !

We did not give too much news recently. And there are reasons for that. Last 4 months were hot, intense and busy. But looks like we are ready for the next steps.

So do you want a short update? Let’s go

1/ Prepare a cocoon !

Going back to Reunion Island was the perfect opportunity to go back to David’s parents. What it means?

Spend time with family, take care of them, help them in the daily life and simply enjoy one of the most beautiful gift ever: #family. Mission n°1 accepted with pleasure.

But we had to prepare a small place for us to live and we are now thinking we did great. We took over the house at the back of the garden and made it a modern tiny-house. Cleaning, Recycling, Selecting, Throwing, so much to do… In short words, around 40 years of life had been cumulated there.  But we have now a cocoon and we are ready to welcome baby.

Move Our World - Decollage - Tiny House 1
Move Our World - Décollage - préparation du cocon familial

2/ Welcome baby in a new world

We are like everybody else. We had many kids around us for many years but when it is your first own child… well, you understand that you don’t know too much and there is a lot to do.

So let’s avoid the details. We just want to share with you our diapers. Yep! To have a baby, it is great! To contribute (negatively) to increase wastes (especially in Reunion Island), it is really not nice. So Diapers came naturally and we read a lot (especially Ela), we got prepared and we are now ready to live one of the most beautiful experiences in our life.

By the way, do you know we still don’t have a clue about the sex of the baby? Oh god, we cannot wait to know who he or she is.

Move Our World décollage - préparation du bébé
Move Our World - Decollage - preparation à l'arrivée du bébé

3/ Start a HopTour in la Réunion

Going back to Reunion island did not mean to stop our activities in Hopineo. So David (let’s consider Ela on maternity leave) is on the road meeting people involved in tourism in la Réunion. He is looking for places, projects which are committed in a better way of making tourism. He is sarting to find happiness… And looks like there is a real role to play for Hopineo. If some of the projects are lovely, there is still missing coordination around them and at least visibility outside of the island. So he is doing great and there are a lot of things coming soon on moveourworld.com about Sustainable and Responsible tourism in La Réunion.

Move Our World Hopineo à la Réunion - HopTé La Réunion au piton des neiges
Move Our World Hopineo HopHost Horizon Reunion Agence Receptive

4/ Be one with the nature : Step #1 : GARDEN !

How to not talk about our garden! With the precious help of David’s mum, we are daily creating a small green oasis. In front of our tiny house, we are starting to grow trees, plants which we will grow later in our eco place. We spend quite a lot of time, we love them, we admire them. It is our pure bowl of fresh air. So happy to share a part of it with you!

Move Our World - Décollage - préparation du jardin
Move Our World - Décollage - préparation du jardin
Move Our World - Décollage - préparation du jardin
Move Our World - Décollage - préparation du jardin
Move Our World - Décollage - préparation du jardin

Here you are with the news. We are not bored at all especially that our guesthouse is on fire too. We cannot say too much so far (confidentiality) but it is moving forward! Let’s cross the fingers that MOW will have soon its own place to welcome and share the best authentic, responsible and sustainable experience.

Kisses and cheers.

We are Ela & David, 2 citizens of the world. In quest of a new way of living, more respectful from the environment and the Humans, we travel slowly to discover new cultures, to look for inspirations and with a wish of sharing. Want to know more?

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