[News] Move Our World 2.0 : let’s move to Reunion Island

Move Our World - La Reunion
Move Our World - Reunion

Hello 2018 ! Hello Reunion !

The new year coming fast, it is time to take new resolution. For us, better than resolution, we make decision. And the first one, not the least, is to move to Reunion Island for the second step of Move Our World : Move Our world 2.0

Latin America was in our mind for a long time but we decided few months ago to go back to La Reunion to start our beautiful project of Hostel/Guesthouse/Hotel. After all the people and projects we met on our way with Hopineo, it became natural and very important to start in a place we know and we are passionate about. In that way, Reunion came one step ahead as Ela already fell in love too. But Poland stays still in our mind and who knows ?

Move Our World - La Reunion

From inspiration to dream

Our dream is gonna continue. We are going to  create a beautiful place  which should look like us. We want to be close to the nature and somehow live from a happy simplicity. For instance, we are dreaming of having our garden full of vegetables and fruits for our daily consumption. Well, ideas are flowing and flowering and we cannot wait to make them alive from mid-January.

We are going to live in David’s parents place and are going to work on various tasks :  administration, real estate, permaculture, creativity, innovation, building and business plan… A heavy programme in front of us and we are happy to be surrounded by David’s family for the next steps of our dream.

A lot of adventures, challenges and decisions in front of us

2018 is already as promising and exciting as 2017. You can expect already a lot of beautiful pictures, some greats stories and even more optimism and inspiration feeling towards this transition path.

All of you reading that lines, please remember that you are already more than welcome in our home, in this oasis which we hope to make it as your Home away from Home.

So, continue to follow our Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channel and of course our internet blog www.moveourworld.com. We will make you discover or rediscover Reunion Island, a dreaming place lost in Indian Ocean waiting for you!!!

Move Our World - La Reunion
Move Our World - La Reunion

We are Ela & David, 2 citizens of the world. In quest of a new way of living, more respectful from the environment and the Humans, we travel slowly to discover new cultures, to look for inspirations and with a wish of sharing. Wants to know more?

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