[Costa Rica] Cahuita national park – the best way to meet wildlife

Costa Rica and the Carribbean coast

In 2017, Costa Rica is a trendy destination. With such lush nature and all ecological successes of the last years, the very small country located in Central America became a must-to-do for many travelers seeking for nature connexion.

Going through Costa Rica for a very short period of time before our flight to Europe (final destination: Reunion Island), we decide to opt for Carribean side; a sode of Central America we were eager to know more about with all african influences.

Costa Rica is surrounded by Pacific Ocean and Carribean Sea. With many active volcanoes, the country is known for being green with thousands of rivers going though. 5 millions unhabitants for 3 millions. Except the Metropolitan area around San Jose (capital city) which is very dense, this country is a natural paradise.

Let’s go to Cahuita and the Carribean for Christmas

If we choose to visit Cahuita, it is also and especially for its national park. We have heard a lot about it and the park management was exactly what we were looking for. The park seems to be perfectly committed in processing a sustainable tourism. Why? Because it is …

  1. … a national park directly on the sea side.
  2. … a national park to discover walking and only walking
  3. … a national park aménagé and sensitive to environment protection
  4. … a national park which is based on volontary donations( which does not mean less)
  5. … a national park full of life : fauna and flora easily accessible

Yeah, for sure you are also convinced. And well, don’t forget that you can easily see Monkeys Hawler, Iguana, Sloth, Toucans, racoons and other animals (still) non identified (by us). That’s cool!

Our utopia: redefine zoo and put the accent to quality instead of quantity

Not fan of zoo in general, we don’t hide that we really enjoyed our visit in this park, in a natural context where one can finally go walking, open eyes and discover animals and nature living in a forest. For sure, no doubts 🙂 it may require patience and perseverance, it may require to know how to observe animals and take time to observe them (they rarely appears in less than a minute…). It also means to accept not seeing them from 1m for the perfect insta selfie… but I guess that all natural aspects should bring happiness, satisfaction and pride? Well, debate is open but we are happy to bring some pictures on the table.

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