[Poland] Let’s take a ride to the polish mountains – Tatras

Chochołowska Valley

Tatras mountains. This mountain chain is the natural boarder betwwen Poland and Slovakia. Polish people are very proud of their moutains. Even if the biggest part of the chain is located on the Slovakian side, the polish part is full of treasures.


Very protected, the national park receives each year a lot of tourists (essentially local even if I am sure that Germans, Slovakian and Czech are also enjoying the infrastructures and beauty of this region) in summer time (for trekking) and in winter (for ski and even ski jumping).

The polish Tatra Mountains counts with 295 km of trail path.


It became a national park in 1954.

Without being very high (compared to Le Piton des Neiges for example or even more Caucasus in Georgia – highest point in Poland: 2300m), there is a wide diversity in the trekking possibilities. There are few lifts, few starting points and it alsmo means that there is something for everyone and for all the tastes.


The village of Zakopane is on the way to tatras. Folklorique,full of traditions, Zakopane today faces a kind of mass tourism. This does not remove all the charm of the place but for sure, it is difficult to experience the old traditions as we would love to.

Zakopane and Tatras, it is a mix of wooden house, small chapels and a gastronomy a bit different from the rest of Poland.



Polish people are crazy about moutains (by the way, a lot of them are famous alpinists). It is really easy to meet nice people on the way or in one of the numerous shelters all over the park. There is a really nice atmosphere. We spent a night together in the shelters of Ornak and Chocholowska Dolina. Approved!!

If you need fresh air and go in altitude, Tatras is made for you!

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