[Reunion Island] Incursion in the hearth of the forest : Bébour / Bélouve

Holidays were already perfect. The wedding was beautiful. We’ve been flying in the sky for a couple of weeks. Even though feelings were still boiling, the atmosphere around started to calm down…

On Friday evening, we got the news about some expected heavy rains in the next 24 or 48 hours (a depression was getting closer in the indian ocean). We decided that we still had time to enjoy a new place on Saturday morning and decided to go for the Bebour/Belouve forest. A great idea!


6am. Alarm Clock !! Strangely, it is not so difficult to wake up. It is also true that the sunlight already started to enter the room since half and hour. A very beautiful sunny day iwas on the way.

One coffee, one banana and hop! Let’s go!

To join this treasure, this beautiful forest (a unique place in Reunion Island), we have to go from Le Tampon (400m) to La Plaine des Cafres (up to 1600m - "col de Bellevue") and then go down on the east side of the island (in the direction of Plaine des Palmistes). Then, turn left in the direction of dead end… BEBOUR / BELOUVE!

At 7AM, we are on our own on the road. The temperature is still fresh. We can go through this asphalte but forest road, admiring the beauty and purety of the landscape. Some small waterfalls are shining on the mountain because of the sun that is rising slowly and languorously. The light is changing every time and makes a magical atmosphere behind and in front of us.

Nothing else than LOVE

We are really touched by this moment. We said YES to each other 2 weeks before and feel blessed one more time to be able to live such moment together… We wouldn’t have said no for stopping the time at this precise moment...

At the end of the road, nothing else that a shelter and a view point on Salazie. No clouds. We even had a chance to see the Piton des Neiges on our left, summit that we climbed a couple of days before.

"Salazie is certainly the greenest of the 3 cirques. It is a paradise for waterfalls"

Bebour/Belouve forest is also famous for the possibility that it offers to go to the view point for "le trou de fer". So we started to follow the path and walked in the forest. Wonderful moment! Air is fresh and pure. The variety of the flora is incredible. We easily notice Fanjan… Some Cardinals (red bird typical from Reunion Island forest) are with us. We are also deeply impressed by the phenomen of Epiphyte (a plant that grows harmlessly upon another plant (such as a tree) and derives its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, and sometimes from debris accumulating around it) everywhere around us…

We are happy to finally head to “Trou de fer” point of view  - on our own with a couple of passion fruits as a snack… “Tour de fer is this mythical picture of Reunion, this famous place for experiencing Helicopter. Flying inside the canyon, you get adrenaline reaching the waterfall… It is also a place for experienced Canyonning people.

We have sparkling eyes!!

We both agree to put this morning in our “Wonder”. And what about you? Don't you want to take a ride?


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