[Practical Info] To move around Central America – a simple game?

Because our travel is also a way to share our good tips, here you have our « Practical Information » category. Enjoy !

In this article, we are talking about transportation in Central America.

If we want to talk about that, it is mainly to remove doubt about safety. Everybody think about safety while thinking about in Central America (have a look to our article about that here). We would like to bring our own point of view to that. Because true or not, our version may be different. We felt secure and we easily moved between different places… We had chance to discover a bit this beautiful region.

Because of Ela’s pregnancy, our plans changed a bit. We needed better confort and faster trips. No more chicken buses and their beautiful adventures. You know, chicken buses have something in common with in India. One knows when chicken bus leaves but one never knows when it ends. That’s the beauty of it!!

Surprisingly, moving was not that difficult. Many privates transportation exist and provide links between main cities. Their offices are located in every cities or it is almost possible to book them in every guesthouse

From San Cristobal de las Casas to Panama city, it is easy to find simple, fast and efficient transport by van or premium buses. Prices are definitely more expensive but still affordable for occidental wallet. Clearly, it is not a system where locals benefit. I would even say that this system avoids locals….

So, if you were reluctant to travel Central America because of transportations, you are now aware about ready solutions. But we still think that once over there, you will prefer an experience in chicken buses to discover and share authentic lifestyle.

In Guatemala : Antigua, Atital, Xela, Semuc Champey, Tikal,

In Salvador : Santa Ana, El Tunco, San Salvador

In Honduras : Copan, Tegucigalpa, Ceiba

In Nicaragua: Leon, Granada, San Juan

In Costa Rica: San José, Libéria

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