[Practical Info] Apply for Indian visa in Colombo – Sri Lanka

Because our travel is also a way to share our good tips, here you have our « Practical Information » category. Enjoy !

Informations about Indian visa change constantly!! So maybe what you are reading will not be useful anymore in a near future… but who knows?

When we went to India in April 2017, tourist evisa was only for one month and was exclusively for aiport entry and exit. For us, crazy about discovering India, it was not enough, especially that we needed multiple entries.

On our itinerary, we had opportunity to make the visa in Bangkok. David dit it once in September 2014. Great !

But things changed and now if you do not live permanently in Thailand, you cannot apply for Indian visa in Thailand. What is the solution ?

Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar or Nepal.? We make a quick check-up of wishes and costs. Well, let’s go to Sri Lanka! New place for both of us and a great opportunity to arrive to the south India.

Indian visa in Colombo can be made in IVS, a visa center located here:

Before going to the center, you need to fill an online form. We made it but made also some mistakes. We had to go to an office in front of the center. It is an additional cost but they know exactly how to do it, what to write, what is important and what it is not. We finally highly recommend it!

Applying for the visa is pretty fast but better to arrive early in the morning. There is a ticketing system.

We had to wait 5 working days to get the visa and you need to take in in the center. No possibility to postpone the pick-up. You need to respect the appointment. They did not ask for flight ticket to get the visa. Here we are!

PS : while boarding to Chennai, the airline company Spice Jet asked us for flight ticket exiting India. By chance, we had them. But better to know!

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