[Practical Info] How to cross the border between China and Laos – Jonghong / Boten

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Today, it is about crossing the border between China and Laos.

Nothing complicated but as always it is never easy to find information about it on Internet so let’s share our experience.

So, first of all, we simply took the bus from Jinghong. We arrived to Jinghong from Dali with a long day trip. Jinghong is a specific city in Yunnan because it is located in the tropics.Temperatures change, landscapes change (palm tree) and Mekong is in front of us. We just stayed one night in Jinghong but the city looks to have some interest wih its Thai influences.

To go to the border and finally get to Luang Nam Tha (Laos), you just need to go to the South Bus Station here:

There is a bus going everyday (10am when we’ve been – better to check if it did not change when you are in Jighong).

The bus is simple but comfy. He will drop you to the border, just before the Chinese border. Simple formalities but quite a long time to wait for the bus (administrative issue too ?). Indeed, there is more than one kilometer between the 2 offices and you will have to wait for YOUR bus.

In the other side, it is already a different atmosphere. Much more relax. Laotian visa is made on arrival. 30 US$ per person but better to check according to your nationality. It can vary.

Once you have crossed the border, the bus (the same you took in Jinghong ) bring you to Luang Nam Tha. The remaing journey is about 1H30.

Yeah, that was simple for us. But better to know it before !!

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