[Practical Info] Kanchenjunga National Park – All about the trekking to the 3rd highest mountain

Move Our World – Kanczendzonga – trekking – Indie
Move Our World – Kanczendzonga – trekking - Indie

About the trekking, day by day, you can read it here.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION – Kanchenjunga National Park trekking

COSTS – as we learned after, we overpaid. For 8 days (7 nights) trekking included porter/yak, food, tent with sleeping bags, guide, permits and national park fees. We paid 22000 Indian rupees per person. We got to Yuksom by ourselves.

HOW TO REDUCE THE COSTS – go to Yuksom 2-4 days before you want to trek, and check the offer of all local agencies. Not only the one for the foreigners. You can also try to look for some Indian trekking clubs. We met two of them on the way. Or you can just contact Smile Panda Tours!

EQUIPMENTS – we took one big backpack with clothes and basics cosmetics (soap, suncream, toothpaste) – this one was on yak. We were also carrying small bags with personal things (book, camera, wallet and dies) and water.

WEATHER –  we did our trekking in the second half of May. Theoretically the season was already over and it was one of the last  trip before monsoon. It was warm and cloudy. At the end, lot of clouds but in the most important moments we had been always lucky with sun and blue sky.

ELECTRICITY – there is no electricity on this route. At all!!! Charge all necessary stuffs before you come to Yuksom – even in Yuksom, there are blackouts, especially in the evening and night. We had to forget about a last hot shower before trekking 😊

HYGIENE – there are toilets on the campsites. The toilets are nothing more than a hole in the ground surrounded by wooden walls and roof. Because you will find running water only in the rivers and streams, it’s better to not use soap when washing yourselves. Wet wipes are very useful, but don’t forget to take them back with you.

FOOD – we did not bring anything extra to eat with us. The whole menu was vegetarian and we just loved it. What we only missed was a touch of coffee. If you need some chocolate as a snack, take it with you. 

WATER – throughout the trekking we drank boiled water or the water from the streams. The boiled one tasted smoke. We preferred to use our steri pen and drank the natural one.

If you have any other questions about trekking in Kanchenjunga National Park – leave it in the comment or email us. We will be more than happy if we will be able to help.

Move Our World – Kanczendzonga – trekking - Indie
Move Our World – Kanczendzonga – trekking - Indie

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